Zumax Dental Surgical Microscope

OMS2350 Surgical Microscope (integrated LED illumination)

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Zumax Dental Surgical Microscope

OMS2350 Surgical Microscope (integrated LED illumination)
Magnification system
• 6-steps manual magnification changer
• Six click stop positions
y=0.33x,0.5x,0.8x,1.22x,2.0x, 3.0x;

Tube (Optional)
• 45 deg inclined binocular tube, f=170mm
• 0-180 deg inclinable binocular tube, f=170mm

Eyepieces (Optional)
• 12.5x, 10x, 16x and 20X widefieldeyepieces and have integrated eyecups with steplessadjustment.

Magnification Range
• e.g. with f=250mm lens and 12.5x eyepieces:
• Magnification/Field-of-view diameter: 2.8x, 4.2x, 6.9x, 10.4x, 17.0x, 25.6x
78.3mm, 52.1mm, 32.0mm, 21.2mm, 13.0mm, 8.7mm
with selected components, the above magnification range can be shifted up or down.

• Manual, fine focusing range 12mm
• 5 objective lenses for optional: f=200mm (with fine focus), f=250mm (with fine focus), f=300mm, f=350mm, f=400mm

• ZumaxLED Illumination, supplies bright, white and shadow- free light,>20,000 hours lifetime * Yellow and green integrated filter
• Field of view diameter: 50mm with f=250mm objective lens

Balancing system(Optional)
• This coupling offer ultra-light, ultra-smooth and perfect balance during positioning of the microscope or adding several accessories such as camcorder and digital camera.

Gross Weight
• Floorstand125kg
• Wall Mount 80kg
• Ceiling Mount 95kg
• Fixed ground Mount 75kg
• Tabletop Clip 45kg

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