Dental Training

MARVENT | Marvellous dental events Fully accredited with the most up-to-date qualifications Susie Raso is passionate about helping you get the most out of your business. With extensive dental and hospitality experience, she is a real people person who takes a pro-active approach to training. Meeting new people and forging real relationships is a passion of hers; she prides herself on being professional and creating lasting results. When it comes to infection control she is the queen; she believes that proper safety procedures are essential to running a problem-free operation. So no matter what style of training you require or by what means of delivery you need it done; Susie Raso will be there to work through it with you from start to finish, adding fun and adventure along the way with her contagious happiness. Infection Control
  • Immunization
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Management of Sharps injury
  • Dental Charting
  • Dental room changeovers ‘Wiping V’s Barriers’
Additional workshops:
  • Implants – clinical setup and sterile drape set up
  • Endodontics – clinical setup and endodontic file processing
Attending a workshop is a great reminder tool to help you and the team along the way. We can assist and implement better protocols in your workplace for the whole team and for the client. Regular refresher workshop is also a fun way to get together with other people in the industry, it can also be a great way to have a team building event and become awesome together.
OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU Trust, Consistency, Fluent expertise and Knowledge MARVELOUS DENTAL EVENTS ON OFFER
  • Develop Platinum Clients
  • Appointment book management
  • New Patient Exams
  • Clinical set up
  • Infection Control
  • OH&S
  • Follow workplace clinical procedures
  • Follow health, safety and security procedures
  • Stock control and inventory solutions
  • Housekeeping
  • Help Implement policies and procedure
  • Sterilisation
  • Nutrition
Practise Consulting
Practice Consulting is a great way to have a fun team building event and become awesome together. The idea is to develop a great practice workflow, great communication channels between the team and the patient and also between yourselves. We can help you tailor your practice and assist and in areas such Clinical workflow and Clinical Systems, New Patient Exams, Recall Systems and Appointment book management. An initial free consult to the workplace can be arranged when an online inquiry is made.
One on One Consulting
One on one consulting has its benefits and will get the message across, however, they can be a slower process when consulting. One on one consulting is good for those lacking confidence or for smaller workplaces.
For more information please contact Suzie Mobile: 0450 098 078 Email: Website: