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DCI Over the Patient Auto Dental Unit, Gray

DCI Over the Patient Auto Dental Unit, Gray

DCI Over the Patient Auto Dental Unit, Gray

Series 4 Post Mount Delivery System

With a new Series 4 Post Mount Delivery System from DCI, expect an exceptional upgraded delivery system that is not only reliable, efficient, and flexible, but also affordable. DCI Delivery Systems are guaranteed to work with some of the most popular chairs and brands on the market. You soon could be saving on the expense of having to buy a new chair if the one you are using is in good shape. With DCI, you would only have to buy the unit.

With DCI delivery systems you can expect:

  • A sleek delivery system with smooth lines for easy cleaning and style that does not sacrifice quality.
  • The value of exceptional add-ons and features without an additional cost.
  • High-quality DCI components so that it lasts for a long time and requires minimal servicing.
  • A variety of options so you can customize to your needs.
  • Reliability to allow for ease of service down the line and make maintaining your product as simple as possible.
  • Compatible with New and Existing Chairs

    Update your delivery system without the expense of a new chair. The DCI Series 4 Post Mount Delivery System is unique in that it is compatible with most new or used dental chairs. You can upgrade to a stylish, functional DCI Delivery System without breaking your budget.

  • Easy Upgrades

    With a larger delivery head, we have made sure there is optimal space for quickly and conveniently integrating new technology and devices. Whether you want to add them now or later, easily integrate technology over time.

  • Quality Components

    The Series 4 Post Mount Delivery System will last your practice longer and require less servicing than other units on the market because of the reliable and high-quality DCI components that are used to build it. Our units are all made of our industry leading products that you can trust.

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