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MELAG S-Class Euroklav 29 VS+

MELAG S-Class Euroklav 29 VS+

Fast, compact and "Class S"

MELAG offers practices an economically alternative to the "Vacuklav" series with its Euroklav 29 VS+, which, by reason of the instruments and the type of wrapping used there, require no "Class B" autoclaves.

The Euroklav 29 VS+ features four "Class S" programs for sterilization of wrapped, simple, hollow instruments (e.g. scissors, needle holders, clamps etc.) and textiles, even if these are packed.

Equipped with a powerful and efficient vacuum pump, a simple pre-vacuum occurs before sterilization in order to remove air safely from the wrapping and from the interior of the instruments.

Control and monitoring of pressure and temperature parameters necessary for safe sterilization take place by means of sensors and an innovative micro-processing control unit.

The innovative electronic design permits versatility in documentation, digitally through the network or through the compact flash card as well as with the known MELAprint42log printer.

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