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  • Chair

    Smooth and Relax

    The hydraulic mechanism ensures smooth and quiet movement of the joints and provides a comfortable feeling for patients. The new twin-axis headrest system, capable of making a wide range of adjustments, can be fine-tuned in increments of 7.5 degrees, accommodating patients from children to adults.

    Rotating armrest

    - Easy to hold armrest
    - Easy to enter the chair
    - Support elderly patients when exiting the chair

    Chair stick switch

    - Hands-free, hygienic and intuitive control
    (patent pending)

    Power headrest option

    - Stressless headrest with the full 120 mm stroke and the easily adjustable neck angle
    - Motorised headrest with hygienic hands-free operation


    Low to High

    Holder type

    The table's vertical range of motion is 525-1,505 mm for the contour type
    The table is held by a flexible arm, which can bemoved with a force 50% lighter than the previous models.

    Feel Light, Less Fatigue

    Rod type

    With rods of 900 mm in length, the delivery system makes it easy for the dentist/dental assistant to treat patients from the 8 o'clock direction. The hoses are light and flexible so that they reduce the burden on the wrists of dentist/dental assistant administering treatment over many hours.

    Release from Weight

    Place type

    The dentist/dental assistant can pick up a handpiece and start treating patients right away without the need to re-hold the handpiece. Since the roller guide holds the weight of the hose, the dentist/dental assistant is freed from burden from the shoulder to the hand. They don't need to look back at the placeholder when returning the handpiece.

    Intuitive Control

    Touch Your Style


    The interface has been designed to improve efficiency and reduce stress during treatment. When a handpiece is chosen and picked up, the screen displays only necessary information, helping the dentist concentrate on the treatment.



    - Four different settings can be saved, allowing intuitive operation
    - Rpm, torque and rotational direction choosable with one touch of the screen


    - Treatment models (periodontal, root canal and scaling) choosable with one touch of the screen

    Precise Control

    Foot controller

    The foot controller is compact and highly functional, allowing the dental water jet or chip-blow from the handpiece to be turned ON and OFF without using the hands. As an option, the controller is available with wireless technology.
    *The wire for wireless foot controller is included.

    Sideways operation

    A new slide foot controller allows fine adjustment by sideways
    position and step-on action. The maximum rpm can be set for the handpiece in a quick and intuitive manner.

    Hygiene Options

    Improved Cleaning Performance


    The space inside has been expanded for a large-capacity cuspidor. With the water clean system and the separator, a high level of hygiene can be maintained.

    Stay Clean

    The hygienic condition inside the chair unit is maintained by water line flushing, so that patient-friendly treatment can be administered. As an environmentally friendly option, the unit comes with a separator or a separator with an amalgam collector, which helps reduce facilitating everyday maintenance.

    Dismantling of the rod holder

    - Easy dismantling of the end parts for cleaning

    Autoclavable holder option

    - Autoclavable outlets are detachable for cleaning

    Detachable light components option

    - Removable lens cover and autoclavable light handle
    - Easy to clean by single lever action

    Detachable bowl

    - Detachable ceramic bowl
    - Easy to keep it clean

    Flushing system option

    - Prevents biofilm build up and bacterial growth in the handpieces hoses.

    Water bottle option

    - With low water warning indicator
    - A sliding cuspidor cover for daily maintenance

    Compact Space


    The compactly designed chair unit can be installed in a space as narrow as 1,8m across for full use of its capabilities, allowing enough workspace for both two-hand and four-hand treatment. The over-arm is fitted for treatment in both standing and sitting positions. The dentist/dental assistant can efficiently administer treatment from various orientations from the 8 o'clock to 2 o'clock directions.


    The long reach and light movement of the arm facilitate two-hand treatment to be administered without stress.


    In four-hand position, the large tabletop provides a common space for the dentist and the assistant, facilitating smooth treatment.

    Color Variations

    Leather Color

    The colors come in four themes: warm, cool, earth and vitamin. Any choices from these leather colors should match the interior appointments of your clinic. The upholstery can be chosen from seamless, seam and luxury type.

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