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MK-dent LC11 Contra Angle Handpiece 1:1 Classic Line (Non Optic)

MK-dent LC11 Contra Angle Handpiece 1:1 Classic Line (Non Optic)

Made in Germany - Fits Original Kavo INTRAmatic heads Compatible to all E-type Electric and Airmotors.
Spray Nozzle
The spray guarantees safe working conditions due to optimum cooling of the preparation site. Specially designed nozzles provide a clear view and a pleasant noise level during treatment.
Classic Grip
The Classic Grip fits perfectly in your hand. Tangibly improved ergonomics and higher stability are the result. A high resistance to wear is ensured through the abrasive blasting of the surface of the stainless steel housing.
LED Light
The glass rod light conductor allows for a true-color, glare-free and uniform illumination of the entire oral cavity due its more than 25,000 lux.
With MK-dent LED lights for your motor systems, perfect lighting is guaranteed. Even in the molar region.
Head Interchangeability
Stay flexible. A simple release of the clamp allows for quick replacement of the head unit. Use the opportunity, with only one contra-angle handpiece-lower part, to select the appropriate head for application.


  • Classic Line
  • 1:1 transmission contra angle handpiece w/out fiber optic for removing carious material
  • Non-optic
  • Intramatic
  • 40K RPM max. input
  • Body only
  • Chrome Coating
  • 1 year warranty

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