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MK-dent Prime Line Handpiece HC8022 (Small Head - Non Optic - Triple Spray - Ceramic Bearings)

MK-dent Prime Line Handpiece HC8022 (Small Head - Non Optic - Triple Spray - Ceramic Bearings)

MK-dent Prime Line Handpiece HC8022 (Small Head - Non-Optic - Triple Spray - Ceramic Bearings)

Made in Germany - Prime Line Handpiece Fits Original KaVo MULTIflex, W&H, or MK-dent Quick Connect Couplers. Now with Ceramic Bearings!

  • MK-dent HC8022 High-Speed Handpiece
  • Titanium plated casing and ergonomic shape. Easy to clean surface, nearly as hard as diamond.
  • Comfort pushbutton chuck system for quick, easy and safety bur changing.
  • Small Head
  • Delivers 18W of power @ 340,000 rpm
  • Long Life Ceramic bearings for super quiet and vibration free running.
  • Triple port spray cooling system. Perfect working and easy to care for.
  • Quick connect - swivel coupler style compatible to major brands.
  • One Year Warranty
Shhh - No turbine is that quiet!
The barely audible, disturbance free run of our Prime Line turbines will convince you.
The measured noise level is up to 55 dB - only a switched off turbine is more quiet!
More grip through anatomic structure and best material. The titanium insert guarantees a
perfect grip for a safe work feeling. The material is extremely resistant against mechanical
damage and also easy to clean.
Glass rod light conductor
More than 40.000 LUX light is passing through lossless. The precise alignment of the
ray of light provides a perfect view.
Safe and easy to handle.
Ceramic ball bearings
Extreme durability through perfect concentricity and carbide insert.
Our ceramic ball bearings provides a disturbance- and vibration free run at all of our turbines.
Pinpoint cooling up to the bur tip.
With our Prime Line you can choose between 3- or 4-hole spray system.
Stay flexible: The Prime-Line is compatible with a great variety of coupling systems and
adapts great to every existing treatment unit.
Premium spindle
Extreme durability through perfect concentricity and caride insert. Our premium spindle is
extremely shatterproof and provides a strong holding force, that will not let you down.
Pressure reduction
In case of too high pressure drive, the pressure reduction will lower it to ideal 2,8bar at
all KaVo* types. This preserves the bearings and extends their durability significantly.
Integrated non-return valves
The automatic anti-reflux function prevents the ingress of dirt particles in the head housing.

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