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NSK Varios 750

NSK Varios 750

For Optimum Clinical Versatility

Varios 750 multipurpose ultrasonic system is designed to support a wide spectrum of clinical applications; from minimal restorative intervention to period and endodontics surgery. A special solution bottle and a water supply circuit in the control unit enable the usage of appropriate, antiseptic solution in accordance with the purpose of the treatment.

Key Features

  • Single device to cover Periodontics, Endodontic, Scaling and MI applications
  • Multiple functions with simple, easy-to-use control
  • Auto-cleaning mode
  • Enables to use clinical solutions during the treatment
  • Readily exchangeable solution bottle
  • Designed for easy maintenance
  • Aseptic control unit design
  • Lightweight, compact and high-performance handpiece
  • Optic/non-optic handpiece available
  • An extensive tip range to offer a wide variety of applications

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