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OEM - Built In Kits

OEM - Built In Kits

EMS is one of the world's leading pioneers in the area of piezo-ceramic ultrasonic techniques developed by Pierre Mabille, co-founder of EMS (together with Bernd Bühner). It is not surprising that, in terms of quality, the Piezon® product range is vastly superior to standard ultrasonic drives.

For you, it means a brilliant smile of your patient once Piezon® has been integrated in your dental unit !

General Features

  • Linear movement of the tip (similar to that of car windscreen wiper;) means extremely gentle treatment
  • Precise instrument control
  • Anatomically designed instruments: minimally invasive treatments
  • Automatic feedback between handpiece and electronic control unit ensures consistent performance over a long time
  • Cool handpiece; minimum heat development. This means reduction of aerosol production and reduced risk of cross-contamination. Dry work possible
  • Bactericidal effects resulting from hydrodynamic cavitation and acoustic streaming
  • Excellent ergonomic characteristics: the lightweight handpiece and tubing will greatly reduce the risk of injury
  • Conclusion: the Piezon Kit results in more comfort and safety both for you and your patients

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