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Ti-Max X55L/57L

Ti-Max X55L/57L

Ti-Max X55L/57L

Ti-Max X55L/57L are prophylaxis handpieces with X-line series. By using an EVA /Profin tip, vertical reciprocating motion of the two models delivers effective and efficient polishing of tooth plane, interdentium and root surface. Ti-Max X57L also has X-line body, works with a screw-in cup and a brush for prophylaxis procedure. Its unique dust-proof mechanism prevents polishing paste debris to enter the handpiece, contributing to a longer handpiece life.

Product Features

  • Solid Titanium Body*
  • Water filter(X55L/X55)
  • Cellular Glass Optics(X55L/X55)
  • Single Spray(X55L/X55)

* Only External body component is titanium.

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